July 12, 2018

Email Etiquette: Are we doing it right?

‘Hope you are well’ ‘I trust this email finds you well’ and the worst one; the ungrammatical ‘Hope your well’ – to which I feel like replying- ‘Do you hope my well is what exactly’?

Full to the brim with water? close to my bucket? maintained to the highest standards of ISO 9002?

Whilst it’s refreshing that so many strangers are concerned about my well, I’m getting rather tired of this clichéd salutation. BTW: my well is full and deep of crystal water – it’s well.

If you want to email me, please start with:

1- Just a quick email (make it 2 lines max) or

2- Where is your primary source of water?

Just don’t ask me that your hoping I am well

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